Artist Collaboration - Absolut Kelly by Ektoras Binikos

Oct 22 2012
02:36 MIN

Ektoras Binikos created the drink Absolut Kelly for an inaugural event at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York. Influenced by the ideas of Joseph Beuys, Binikos has incorporated the knowledge and skills of the bartender into his art and refers to this cocktail as a social sculpture. The contents of the drink, its flavors, the emotions and memories they might evoke are in contrast to the darkness of its appearance.

Ektoras Binikos is a New York based artist working in a variety of media. Ektoras views all aspects of his artistic practice as a performative process linked to the passage of time. His art reflects his interest in how we experience and understand various physical phenomena, our relationship to forms and symbols, but also incorporates an ongoing dialogue with art history.

Ektoras Binikos
Absolut kelly
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Artist Collaborations

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