Absolut Questions - Jeremy Shaw

Jun 15 2012
08:02 MIN

Born in Vancouver and based in Berlin, Shaw’s work fuses photography, video, sculpture, music, and an interest in the potential of the human mind. Working as a musician before becoming an artist, Shaw is closely connected to youth subcultures. His work has been exhibited at the Lisson Gallery in London, Blanket Gallery in Vancouver, Cherry and Martin Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as MoMA/P.S.1 and other presenting institutions around the world. In 2012 Shaw created The Kirlian, an Absolut Art Bar at Art Basel, Switzerland.

The concept of the bar was based on a photographic technique that exposes the magnetic field, or “aura,” of the depicted object. “I just really wanted to create an odd, but strangely comfortable space with unique, but great drinks and weird, but great music,” he told Interview magazine.

Jeremy Shaw
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