Absolut Questions - Iacopo Seri

Jun 30 2012
10:23 MIN

Italian conceptual artist Iacopo Seri conceived the “drunken lesson,” an action enacted at dOCUMENTA (13) in which participants exchanged ideas in states of mind shifting from clarity to inebriation. “A drunken lesson is just another seminar on Truth, but it looks for it through the devices of alcohol and circumstance,” the official program notes stated. “The participants drink to each new concept shared and discussed together, progressively becoming more drunk as the search goes on. But rather than looking for a universal model, they engage in parallel thoughts and multiplied visions: in vino veritates.

While no one will be able to grasp the big picture, each individual will bear witness to a piece of the whole, retransmitting and expanding it in unpredictable ways, beyond the confines of the lesson and the logic of learning itself.”

Iacopo Seri
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Absolut Questions

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